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Medicinal use of Sorrel in Kidney Stones, Hepatitis

Sorrel: Rumex acetosa Part used: Leaves and root Diuretic, ant scorbutic, refrigerant, vermifuge Leaves may be used as greens. Expels worms. Expels kidney stones. Good in hepatitis. Poultice is used for boils and tumours. Not active after drying. Contains acid potassium, oxalate and tartaric acid.

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Medicinal uses of Elecampane and Dill

Elecampane: Inula helenium Part used: Root Diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, aromatic, stimulant, stomachic, astringent, tonic Useful in whooping cough. Strengthens, cleanses and tones up pulmonary and gastric membranes. For retention of urine. Delayed menstruation. Also for kidney and bladder stones. Clears and strengthens sight. Good in weakness of digestive organs. For torpor of liver. A stimulating expectorant. A good formula consists of elecampane, spikenard (one ounce each) and four ounces bark...

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Medicinal use of Blue Flag, Boneset, Buchu and Asparagus

Blue flag: Iris versicolour Part Used: The rhizome Alterative, cathartic, sialogoue , vermifuge, diuretic. Has a special affinity for the thyroid gland. Boneset: Eupatorium perfoliatium Part Used: Tops and leaves Relaxant, sudorific, antiseptic, stimulant, diuretic Infusion valuable in intermittent and typhoid fevers, general debility, epidemic influenza. A large dose of warm infusion is  emetic. Produces perspiration, promotes all secretions. Taken cold it is laxative and tonic. Breaks up colds. Is...

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