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First Aid Treatment of Ticks and mites bites its causes and diagnose- Bites and Stings

Ticks and mites bites  Ticks are found in jungles. Tick is a small insect like a bed bug with a great capacity of stick to the body and suck blood. It spreads germs of certain diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. Such conditions can arise. Mites are found in wood and stored grains. Their bite can cause typhus fever. First Aid 1.A tick or a mite stuck to...

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First Aid Treatment of Bee and Wasp bites its causes and diagnose-Bites and Stings

Bee and Wasp bites Bees and wasps are the most harmful amongst all insects. Their stings have one type of poison in small quantity. Some people could be very sensitive to the poison and develop severe reaction to it. The condition is diagnosed by the following features. There is severe pain locally. Itching and swelling develop around the central reddened puncture point. Sting may be found in the wound. Persons...

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Medicinal use of Wood Betony in Insanity, Neuralgia, Heartburn, Indigestion, Hepatitis, Palsy Convulsions, Gout, Colic, Dropsy

Wood Betony: Betonica officinalis Part used: Leaves Aperients, stomachic, nervine, tonic , antiscorbutic Excellent for headache, insanity, neuralgia, stomach trouble, heartburn, indigestion, stomach cramp, hepatitis, palsy convulsions, gout, colic, nervous ailments dropsy, colds, ‘flu poisonous bites. Expels worms. Opens obstruction of spleen and liver. A  good formula is two parts wood betony, one part skullcap, one part sweet flag. It is a valuable herb.

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Medicinal use of Tansy in Dyspepsia, Fever, Ague, Cold and Flu

Tansy: Tanacetum vulgare Part used: Whole herb Aromatic, tonic, emmenagogue, diaphoretic vulnerary. Seed is vermifuge Good for dyspepsia. One of the best remedies to promote menstruation. Seeds will expel worms. Taken hot is excellent in fevers, ague, colds and ‘flu. Strengthens weak veins (varicose veins). Hot fomentations are applied to swellings, tumours, inflammations, bruises, sciatica and inflamed eyes. Good remedy in heart disease. In small doses it is excellent in...

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Medicinal use of Southernwood in Insect Bite

Medicinal use of Parsley in Hepatitis and Fever

Parsley : petroselinum sativum Part used: Root , leaves and seed Diuretic, aperients, expectorant. Juice is antiperiodic. Seed is febrifuge and  emmenagogue. Roots and leaves are excellent for difficult urination, hepatitis, fevers, obstruction of liver and spleen. For female trouble, combine leaves with equal parts of buchu, crampbark and black haw. Hot fomentation is applied to insect bites and stings. Poultice of bruised leaves is excellent for swollen glands, swollen...

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Medicinal use of Fleabane, Gentian and Ginseng

Fleabane: Erigeron caradense Part used: The whole plant Styptic, astringent, diuretic, tonic Excellent for summer complaint especially for children when all other remedies fail. Colon trouble. Bladder trouble, scalding urine, hemorrhages form bowels and uterus. Use in an enema. Gentian: Gentiana lutea Part used: Root Stomachic, tonic, anathematic, antibilious Powerful and effective and reliable tonic. Purifies blood. Good for liver complaints. Excellent in spleen affections. Improves appetite. Strengthens digestive organs....

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