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Injury-Muscle Injuries and its first aid

Muscle Injuries Type                    Features Strain- There is a partial tearing of the muscle, often at the junction of the muscle and its tendon. Rupture- There is a complete tearing of the muscle in its fleshy part or tendon. Deep bruising – It occurs when there is severe injury to a large bulk of the muscle. There is severe and sharp pain over the site of injury to the muscle....

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Injury-Blast injuries and its first aid

Blast injuries Explosions can result from a bomb blast or from accidental ignition of explosive gases. Explosions generate waves of high pressure that can damage lungs and other organs of the body. That can rupture ear drums, cause fractures, and cause embedding of glass pieces in tissues. The clinical features are those of respective injuries that have been discussed elsewhere. First Aid Do not move the victim unless it is...

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Injury-Crush injuries and its first aid

Crush Injuries These are due to severe pressure of a heavy object over a part of the body. There may not be much of an external injury. But there can be extensive damage to the tissues underneath, e.g. muscles and bones. Internal hemorrhage is possible. Toxic materials released from the damaged tissue can enter the blood stream and cause failure of the kidneys. First Aid Release the trapped part from...

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