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Hot water bag procedure and its different uses in first aid -“Nursing Principles”

Hot Water Bag Procedure and its Different Uses   A hot water bag is for varied indications such as the following. To relieve pain. To help resorption of a hematoma. To help a patient with urinary retention to pass urine. To keep a patient of hypothermia warm. To keep a newborn baby warm in conditions like premature birth, asphyxia, hypothermia etc. The procedure for the use of a hot water bag...

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First aid treatment of Alcohol poisoning its causes and diagnose- Poisoning

Alcohol Poisoning Alcohol (ethanol) is a drug of addiction that depresses the activity of the central nervous system. Prolonged intake can result in impairment of physical and mental abilities, and extensive damage to the liver and other organs in the body. Acute alcohol poisoning is diagnosed by the following features. History of ingestion of alcohol may be present. Smell of alcohol is perceived on the victim’s breath. The speech is...

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First Aid Treatment of Hypothermia its causes and diagnose

Hypothermia Fall of the body temperature below 35 degree C is called hypothermia. Mild and moderate cases are reversible, but recovery is unlikely if the body temperature falls below 26-24 degree C. Hypothermia occurs in the following conditions. Very low environmental temperature without adequate protection in the form of warm clothes, properly heated house etc. Prolonged immersion in cold water. Wearing wet clothes. Exhaustion in cold climate. This condition is...

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