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Herbal Home remedies for General Diseases,”Samanya Rog”,”Hydrophobia/ Rabies”,”Nasha Chodne ka Gharelu Ilaj”, Symptoms, Reasons, Causes-“Herbal Treatment”

पागल कुत्ते के काटने पर (Hydrophobia/ Rabies)  Hydrophobia/ Rabies-Symptoms, Reasons, Causes   परिचय:-   पागल कुत्ता तथा अन्य प्रकार के जानवरों के काट लेने पर उसका जहर व्यक्ति के शरीर में फैल जाता है। इस जहर के कारण रोगी के शरीर में कई प्रकार की एलर्जी या फिर कई प्रकार के रोग हो जाते हैं। कभी-कभी तो रोगी पागलों जैसी हरकतें करने लगता है। पागल कुत्ते के काटने पर प्राकृतिक...

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First Aid Treatment of Dog bite its features, causes and diagnose- Bites and Stings

Dog Bite A person may by bitten by a domestic dog or a stray dog. A domestic god may or may not be immunized against babies. It is immunized; there is no risk of rabies in the victim. If it is not immunized, it can contact rabies from a rabid dog, and then its bite is dangerous. Rabies is  a viral disease found in dogs, and also in other animals...

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Medicinal use of Skullcap in Delirium Tremens, Hydrophobia, Poisonous Snake bites

Skullcap: Scutellaria Lateriflora Part used: Whole plant Nervine, tonic, antispasmodic One of the best tonic nerviness. Combined with cayenne and golden seal it cannot be surpassed for heart weakness. With lady slipper it is the best nerve tonic. Useful in hydrophobia and poisonous snake bites. Effective in delirium tremens, St. Vitus Dance, shaking palsy, convulsions. Equal parts of skullcap, nerve root, hops, catnip and black cohosh aids in morphine addiction....

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