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10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Giddiness” its symptoms and reason

Giddiness What is Giddiness: In summer season, persons who work in sunlight or walk in sunlight for long time become the victim of giddiness. Women who work in kitchen may be the victim of giddiness because of excessive heat. Some persons suffer from giddiness when they feel suffocation because of excessive crowd. Causes : A person becomes the victim of this disease because brain or physical weakness. If you stand...

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First aid treatment of Benzene poisoning its causes, prevention and diagnose-“Occupational Hazards”

Benzene Poisoning Benzene is a volatile liquid that is not miscible with water but dissolves in fat. It is used in the industries manufacturing drugs and dyes. Its poisoning is diagnosed by the following features. There is burning sensation in the mouth and stomach, nausea, and vomiting. Cough and chest pain are present. Headache, giddiness, confusion, restlessness, stupor, and coma may occur. First Aid Give lavage with tap water cautiously,...

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First Aid Treatment of Snake bite its causes and diagnose-Bites and Stings

Snake bite There are about 3000 species of snakes, of which only 250-300 are poisonous. Snakes commonly found in our country are king cobra, common cobra, common krait, common striped krait, pit viper and Russell’s viper. All snakes are not poisonous. All snake bites are not fatal. Most people die from fear and not the venom. Most snakes bite dangerous, because when the snake bites in defense, little or no...

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