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Apricot fruit “Khumani” medicinal value in China, Greece, Italy and England

Apricot  The apricot is said to have originated in China. It spread from there to other parts of Asia, then to Greece and Italy. As early as 1562 there is mention of the apricot in England in Turner’s Herbal. It is recorded that the apricot grew in abundance in Virginia in the year 1720. In 1792 Vancouver. The explorer. Found a fine fruit orchard that included apricots at Santa Clara,...

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Ayurveda Fruit “Apple” Egyptians used the apple as both a food and a medicine.

APPLE One of the first things a child learns is the alphabet, and almost always, “A is for apple.” The apple has been around for so long that it can be called the first fruit. Hieroglyphic writings found in the pyramids and tombs of the ancient Egyptians indicate that they used the apple as both a food and a medicine. It not only has been at the beginning of alphabet...

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