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Herbal treatment and health benefits of Oregano-“Herbal Medicinal Plants”

Health benefits of Oregano Oregano contains an impressive list of plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties.The herb parts contain no cholesterol; however, are rich source of dietary fiber, which helps to control blood cholesterol levels. Oregano contains health benefiting essential oils such as carvacrol, thymol, limonene, pinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene. The leaves and flowering stem of the plant are strongly anti-septic,...

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Ice bag procedure in first aid-“Nursing Principles”

Ice Bag Procedure  It s a rubber bag in which pieces of ice are kept. It is used to reduce body temperature in cases of high fever, to reduce hemorrhage into a hematoma, and to relieve pain after blunt trauma. The procedure for its use is as follows: Break ice into pieces of desired size. Place them in a bowl of water so as to remove sharp edges which could...

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Cold Pack procedure in first aid and method of Cold Pack-“Nursing Principles”

Cold Pack procedure and method of Cold Pack  This procedure is done to lower body temperature in cases of high fever. The method is as follows. Place a mackintosh and a bath- blanket under the patient. Remove the patient’s clothes. Soak two bed sheets in water at 18 degree C and squeeze them moderately. Turn the patient on one side and place one bed sheet under the patient. Then place...

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Tepid sponging in first aid and method of tepid sponging-“Nursing Principles”

Tepid Sponging and method of Tepid Sponging Sponging is the process in which the patient’s body is cleaned with soap and wet cloth while the patient remains in bed. Ordinary sponging is never required by the first aider but tepid sponging may be required. It is done as to reduce the body temperature in cases of high fever. The method of Tepid Sponging is as follows: Check the body temperature....

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Types of Pneumoconiosis(silicosis,anthracosis, byssinosis, bagassosis,asbestosis)its features and first aid treatment

Types of Pneumoconiosis and its features Their features are as shown in the following table. Type                         Features                       Preventive measures Silicosis – It is due to inhalation of dust containing free silica or silicon oxide.  It is found in mining, ceramic industry, slate- pencil industry, and blasting metal grinding, building and  construction work, rock mining, iron and steel industry. The higher the concentration of free silica in the dust,...

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First aid treatment of convulsion its causes and diagnose- “Convulsion”

Convulsion It is a condition characterized by repetitive contraction and relaxation of a group of muscles in the body. It is caused by disturbance in the function of the brain. Convulsion is usually followed by loss of consciousness. Various causes of convulsions are as follows. Disease of the brain. Epilepsy Head injury High fever (in children below the age of 3 years). Inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain. Low...

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Types and features fever and its first aid treatment- “Fever”

Types and features Fever  Fever is not a disease itself, but just a symptom of a large number of illnesses. The commonest cause is infection. Acute pyogenic infections cause high fever with chills. Chronic infections like tuberculosis cause low grade fever, often without chills. Various types of fever are shown in the following table. Type                                       features Continuous – the temperature does not fluctuate by more than 1 degree C...

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First aid treatment of fever its causes and diagnose- “Fever”

Fever Fever is elevation of the body temperature above 37 Degree C. the temperature measured in the mouth and rectum is generally at least half a degree than that of the axilla. The condition is   diagnosed by the following features. There may be prodromal sysmtpoms like malaise and body ache. The patient feels chills and rigors. The body becomes warm. The face is flushed. The pulse becomes rapid. The patient...

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Medicinal use of Wood sage in Quinsy, Sore Throat, Colds fevers, Palsy, Kidney, Bladder Ailments

Wood sage: Teucrium scorodonia Part used: Whole plant Tonic, vermifuge, alterative, diuretic, slightly diaphoretic improves appetite. Good wash for sores combined with chickweed. Used as a poultice for tumours combined with comfrey and ragwort. Useful in quinsy, sore throat, colds fevers, palsy, kidney and bladder ailments. Increases flow of urine and also the menstrual flow.

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Medicinal use of White Willow in Heartburn, Nose Bleed

White Willow : Salix alba Part used : Bark, leaves and buds Febrifuge, antiperiodic Good in heartburn , all kinds of fevers, chills, ague, acute rheumatism. Tea made from leaves or buds is used in gangrene, cancer, eczema. Good for bleeding wounds. Nose bleed, spitting of blood. Also good as an eyewash. Increases flow of urine. Wild plum Part used: Bark Best remedy for asthma.

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Medicinal use of Wahoo in Chest, Lung Ailments, Spleen, Pulmonary Ailments

Wahoo: Euonymus atropurpureus Part used: Bark of root Tonic, laxative, expectorant, diuretic, alterative A good laxative. Valuable in chest and lung ailments. Useful in torpid liver, fevers. Excellent influence on pancreas and spleen. Good for dropsy. Improves digestion. Is valuable when combined with gentian golden seal. Breaks chills. Useful in constipation. Also in pulmonary ailments.

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Medicinal use of Vervain in Perspiration, Fever, Asthma

Vervain: Verbena hastata Part used: Whole plant Tonic, sudorific, expectorant, vulnerary, emetic, nervine, emmenagogue, vermifuge  Powerfulto promote profuse perspiration. Excellent in fevers. Will often cure colds overnight. Excellent in whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma, ague, expels phlegm from throat and chest. Good in all female troubles. Will increase the menstrual flow. Expels worms. Useful in nervous headache. Will tone up system convalescing form heart disease. Shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma excellent...

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