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Medicinal use of Sweet Balm in Fever, Cold, Flu, Nausea, Vomiting 

Sweet Balm: Melissa officinalis Part used: whole herb and flowers Aromatic, emmenagogue, diaphoretic, cephalic Excellent taken hot for fevers, colds and flu. Good for nausea and vomiting. Will quiet and settle the stomach. Good in kidney and bladder troubles, headache, suppressed urine, painful menstruation and female disorders. Lemon juice added to the hot tea is good in fevers and will promote perspiration.

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Aloe Vera Medicinal use in Ayurveda

Aloe Vera Suffering from a digestion malady. Which one ?constipation , acidity, excessive wind formation, indigestion, loss of hunger or piles! Would you like to follow a single cure. Try using Aloe vera or Ghritkumari. The small 1 to 2 feet long herb, having big and fleshy leaves with mildly thorny outline is easy to find. Now days a number of cosmetics contain Aloe vera as the main ingredient. In...

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