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Herbal Home remedies for Venous Diseases, Varicose Veins, Symptoms, Reasons, Causes -“Herbal Treatment”—Part 2

अफस्फीत शिराएं (Varicose veins) Varicose Veins – Symptoms, Reasons, Causes   परिचय:- जब यह रोग किसी व्यक्ति को हो जाता है तो उसके शरीर की शिराएं (नसें) फैलकर लंबी और मोटी हो जाती हैं। यह शिराएं (नसें) शरीर की किसी भाग की हो सकती हैं जैसे- मलाशय शिराएं, वृषण शिराएं तथा ग्रासनली शिराएं। लेकिन यह रोग अधिकतर पैरों को प्रभावित करता है जिसके कारण पैरों की शिराएं लंबी तथा मोटी...

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Herbal treatment and health benefits of Spearmint herb-“Herbal Medicinal Plants” 

Health benefits of Spearmint herb Spearmint is pleasantly aromatic herb packed with numerous health benefiting vitamins, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. The leaves and herb parts contain essential oil, menthol. Unlike in peppermint, spearmint leaves composes only small amounts of menthol, 0.5% compared to the 40% in peppermint. Less menthol content would make this herb least pungent and subtly fragrant herb in the mint family. The herb has low calories (about 43...

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Medicinal use of Amla

Amla Modern living is full of stress and strain and as a continuous process results in the deterioration of the immune system of the body. This makes the body more prone to aliments and even causes pre-mature aging. So as to cope with the stress. People tend to take a number of multi vitamins, body and brain tonics, and yet find themselves  disillusioned with the same in the long run....

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