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First aid treatment of fainting its causes, prevention and diagnose- “Fainting”

Fainting It occurs most frequently in healthy young people, especially during hot weather. It occurs on prolonged standing as in crowd or on a parade ground.  People who are tired, hungry, fearful or emotionally upset faint more readily. It may occur with an emotional shock or on sight of. The condition is diagnosed by the following features: The person who is about to faint feels giddy and looks pale. Then...

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Types of Unconsciousness and its first aid treatment-“Unconsciousness”

  Unconsciousness  Various types of unconsciousness are shown in the following table:        Type                        features Stupor-it is a state of semi consciousness in which person responds only to external stimuli or loud noise. Pupils of the yes contract in response to light Fainting-it is the temporary loss of consciousness. The person recovers spontaneously. Somnolence- it is a state when person feels sleepy or drowsy Coma- it is a...

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