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Medicinal use of Rosemary in Cold, Colic, Nervous Ailments

Rosemary: Rosemarinus officinalis Part used: leaves and flowers Stimulant, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, tonic, astringent , diaphoretic, carminative, nervine, aromatic, cephalic Old – fashioned remedy for colds, colic, nervous ailments. Very good for nervous headache. Good mouth – wash for gums, halitosis, sore throat. Helpful in insanity. Aids digestion, cough. Strengthens the eyes. Oil used for ointments, liniment and in perfumery. Helps a weak memory, quickens the senses, clears the vision. Best...

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Medicinal uses of Elecampane and Dill

Elecampane: Inula helenium Part used: Root Diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, aromatic, stimulant, stomachic, astringent, tonic Useful in whooping cough. Strengthens, cleanses and tones up pulmonary and gastric membranes. For retention of urine. Delayed menstruation. Also for kidney and bladder stones. Clears and strengthens sight. Good in weakness of digestive organs. For torpor of liver. A stimulating expectorant. A good formula consists of elecampane, spikenard (one ounce each) and four ounces bark...

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