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“Haritaki”, “हरीतकी/ हरड़” Medicinal uses and Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts, Medicinal Properties & Side Effects, Complete Health Guide

  Haritaki, हरीतकी/ हरड़ Medicinal Benefits     Botanical Name-Terminalia chebula Common Name-Harad Family-Combretaceae (Haritaki Kul) Habit-Tree (60-80 ft. in height)   Properties Property-Lightness, Dryness Taste-Five tastes (except salt, mainly fragrant) Potency-Heating Metabolic Property-Sweet   Specific Property Tridoshar Stomachic Intellect promoting Rejuvenating Part Used-Fruit   Description-It is called as haritaki because it carries away all diseases or it is sacred to Siva (Hara). Haritaki has several interesting synonyms, portraying its...

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