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Herbal treatment and health benefits of Oregano-“Herbal Medicinal Plants”

Health benefits of Oregano Oregano contains an impressive list of plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties.The herb parts contain no cholesterol; however, are rich source of dietary fiber, which helps to control blood cholesterol levels. Oregano contains health benefiting essential oils such as carvacrol, thymol, limonene, pinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene. The leaves and flowering stem of the plant are strongly anti-septic,...

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First aid treatment of Influenza and its prevention- “Influenza “

 Influenza It is a common virus infection characterized by running nose, cough, sore throat and sometimes fever or pain in the joints. There are constitutional symptoms like malaise and body ache. It reduces body resistance to other infections, so that serious disorders like ear infections, sinusitis, and pneumonia may develop. First Aid Give enough rest. Advise steam inhalation. Avoid sour and cold foods and beverages. Give plenty of water orally....

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Medicinal use of Blue Flag, Boneset, Buchu and Asparagus

Blue flag: Iris versicolour Part Used: The rhizome Alterative, cathartic, sialogoue , vermifuge, diuretic. Has a special affinity for the thyroid gland. Boneset: Eupatorium perfoliatium Part Used: Tops and leaves Relaxant, sudorific, antiseptic, stimulant, diuretic Infusion valuable in intermittent and typhoid fevers, general debility, epidemic influenza. A large dose of warm infusion is  emetic. Produces perspiration, promotes all secretions. Taken cold it is laxative and tonic. Breaks up colds. Is...

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