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How to rescue a drowning person and its first aid treatment-Drowning

How to rescue a drowning person Do not swim out to rescue him unless you have been trained as lifeguard. If the water is not too deep, wade through it to get him out of it. Do not wade out if he nature of the bottom of the water is not known, because you may fall into a hole or bed of quicksand. If the victim is near the shoreline,...

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First aid treatment of drowning its causes and diagnose-Drowning

Drowning A person who does not know how swim can drown accidentally if he falls into water. It may also be homicidal. Persons who know how to swim may drown too, if under the influence of alcohol, or if there is head injury at the time of the fall and the person becomes unconscious. Water enters the airway so that asphyxia develop. A little amount of water enters the lungs...

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