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Various types of antiseptics their features and uses in first aid treatment-“Carbolic acid”

Carbolic acid It is an agent used for preventing the growth of microorganism. But it cannot kill microorganisms. Features: It is a hygroscopic and highly corrosive substance. It is used as disinfectant for sharp instruments like scissors and knife blades. It is used topically to cauterize dog bites, snake bites and other small wounds.

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First Aid Treatment of Dog bite its features, causes and diagnose- Bites and Stings

Dog Bite A person may by bitten by a domestic dog or a stray dog. A domestic god may or may not be immunized against babies. It is immunized; there is no risk of rabies in the victim. If it is not immunized, it can contact rabies from a rabid dog, and then its bite is dangerous. Rabies is  a viral disease found in dogs, and also in other animals...

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Medicinal use of Fleabane, Gentian and Ginseng

Fleabane: Erigeron caradense Part used: The whole plant Styptic, astringent, diuretic, tonic Excellent for summer complaint especially for children when all other remedies fail. Colon trouble. Bladder trouble, scalding urine, hemorrhages form bowels and uterus. Use in an enema. Gentian: Gentiana lutea Part used: Root Stomachic, tonic, anathematic, antibilious Powerful and effective and reliable tonic. Purifies blood. Good for liver complaints. Excellent in spleen affections. Improves appetite. Strengthens digestive organs....

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