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“Bilva/Indian bael”, “बेल फल” Medicinal uses and Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts, Medicinal Properties & Side Effects, Complete Health Guide

  Bilva/Indian bael/बेल फल-Medicinal Benefits     Botanical Name-Aegle marmelos Common Name-Bel Family-Rutaceae                    (Jambir Kul) Habit- A medium sized armed deciduous tree, 25-30 ft. in height,   Properties Property-Lightness, dryness Taste-Fragrant, bitter Potency-Heating Metabolic Preperty-Pungent   Specific Property Kaph-vata-samak Astringent Stomachic, Digestive Health promotor Appetiser Parts Used-Root, bark, fruit, leaf   Description-Bilva (Aegle marmelos) is a fruit-bearing tree indigenous to dry forests...

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60 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Deafness” its symptoms and reason

Deafness What is Deafness: Lack of hearing power or complete loss of hearing power is called deafness. Mostly, this disease occurs after any fatal disease, accident or because of medicines side effects. Causes : The causes of deafness are as physical weakness or defective veins. Other causes of this disease are as high sound, sensation of cold, hurt in the head or brain, veins weakness, inpouring of water into the...

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Medicinal use of Marjoram and Milkweed

Marjoram: Origanum marhorana Part used: Whole plant Aromatic, tonic, condiment, emmenagogue A good tonic. A good combination with chamomile and gentian. Poultice very beneficial for sprains, felons, boils, carbuncles. Good for loss of appetite, eruptive diseases, suppressed menstruation. Expels gas. Increases flow of urine. Is good in hepatitis, deafness, headache, indigestion, nausea, colic, neuralgia. Oil dropped in cavity of aching tooth is said to stop pain. Will expel poisons from...

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