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200 Different Diseases of Children Treatment/Remedies and symptoms and reason

Different Diseases of Children Introduction : Just as soul is connected with the body after birth and before death similarly, diseases are connected with the body. Diseases can occur before birth also because of hereditary diseases or impurity in sperm. Diagnosing of these diseases is very hard. Child can be avoided from general diseases after birth. In this case, mothers have to pay more attention as cleansing their nipples before...

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10 Simple Child Diseases Home Treatment/Remedies for “Identification of Several Diseases Children” its symptoms and reason

Identification of Several Diseases Children Treatment : A child closes his eyes again and again if he or she has been suffering from headache. Besides it, the child does not put his or her head on one place. Child’s neck inclines towards below and he or she beats his or her head and clashes everywhere. The skin of the head contracts due to headache. He or she put his or...

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Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Vomiting Milk” its symptoms and reason

Vomiting Milk Cause : Often wind stops due to feeding excessive milk which changes into bile. This is the reason that the child vomits milk and it is called milk vomiting. Treatment : Cook Indian bdellium in cow urine and thereafter cook in milk and finally in ghee. This decoction can be given to drink to the child. Grind wild eggs plant fruit juice, long pepper and long peppers root,...

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