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Medicinal use of Witch Hazel in Diarrhea, Nose Bleed, Haemorrhoid

Witch Hazel: Hamamelis virginica Part used: Bark and leaves Astringent, tonic, antichloristic, haemorrhages from lungs, stomach, uterus, bowels. Good in diarrhea and as an enema. For nose bleed, snuff tea up nose. Inject tea for haemorrhoid. Will restore circulation. Excellent as a gargle.

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Medicinal use of Sanicle in Mucous and Poisonous Waste Matter

Sanicle: Sanicula marilandica Part used: Root and leaves Vulnerary, astringent, alterative, expectorant, discutient, depurative Powerful to cleanse the body of mucous and poisonous waste matter.

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Medicinal use of Fleabane, Gentian and Ginseng

Fleabane: Erigeron caradense Part used: The whole plant Styptic, astringent, diuretic, tonic Excellent for summer complaint especially for children when all other remedies fail. Colon trouble. Bladder trouble, scalding urine, hemorrhages form bowels and uterus. Use in an enema. Gentian: Gentiana lutea Part used: Root Stomachic, tonic, anathematic, antibilious Powerful and effective and reliable tonic. Purifies blood. Good for liver complaints. Excellent in spleen affections. Improves appetite. Strengthens digestive organs....

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