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First aid treatment of Cyanide poisoning its causes, prevention and diagnose-“Occupational Hazards”

 Cyanide poisoning Cyanide is a very strong it may be in the form of a salt of sodium, potassium or hydrogen cyanide, or in the form of a gas. It is used in steel industry, electroplating, fumigation, and manufacture of insecticide and rodenticide. Its poisoning is diagnosed by the following features. The onset of symptoms is within a few seconds of exposure. The victim utters a cry and becomes unconscious....

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First aid treatment of indigestion its causes and diagnose- “Indigestion”

Indigestion It is a condition characterized by a sensation of fullness of the stomach along with belching and upper abdominal pain or discomfort (heartburn). It may be caused by any of the following. Ingestion of lot of food too difficult to digest. Drinking too much alcohol. Tension and anxiety. First aid Place the patient comfortably in bed. Give him some milk to drink. Give him an antacid. Send him to...

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First aid treatment of headache its causes and diagnose- “Headache”

Headache Headache is pain anywhere in head. It may be constant, throbbing, or intermittent. It is a symptom of a disease and not a disease by itself. Various causes of headache are as follows: 1. Refractive errors 2. Exhaustion. 3. Lack of sleep. 4. Anxiety 5. Dental caries 6. Sinusitis. 7. Constipation. 8. Common cold 9. Hypertension 10 Migraine 11 Brain tumors First aid Place the patient in a dark,...

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