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“Ashoka Tree” Medicinal uses and Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts, Medicinal Properties & Side Effects, Complete Health Guide.

Ashoka Tree Medicinal Benefits

Ashoka Tree Medicinal Benefits   Botanical Name-Saraca asoca Common Name-Ashok Family—Leguminosae (Shimbi kul) Habit—Evergreen tree, 25-30 ft. in height. Properties- “Ashokah shitalastikto grahi barnyah kashayakah Dosapachi trisadaha krimi sosa bisasrajit.                                                   —Bha. Pra. Property—Lightness, dryness Taste—Fragrant, bitter Potency—Cooling Metabolic Property—Pungent Specific Property- Kaph-Pitta-samak Complexion promotor Anti-thirst drug Refrigerant Anthelmintic Antidote Blood-purifier Parts Used-Bark, Seed, Flower Description-The ashok is an evergreen tree. Its original distribution was in the central areas of...

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