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“Lodhra”, “लोध्र” Medicinal uses and Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts, Medicinal Properties & Side Effects, Complete Health Guide

  Lodhra, लोध्र Medicinal Benefits   Botanical Name—Symplocos racemosa Common Name—Lodhra Family—Symplocaceae (Lodhra Kul) Habit—Evergreen tree, 20 ft. in height Properties Property —Lightness, dryness Taste—Fragrant Potency—Pungent Metabolic Property—Cooling   Specific Property Kapha-pitta-samak Astringent Opthalmic Blood-purifier Anti-pyretic Anti-diarrhoea) Anti-inflammatory   Part Used—Bark Description—Racernosa is an evergreen tree or shrub. The leaves are dark green above, orbicular, elliptic oblong, coriaceous and glabrous above; the flowers are white, turning yellow, fragrant, in axillary, simple...

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Herbal home treatment for acne problem and its main causes-“SkinCare”

Acne It is skin condition having whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or oily skin. Acne may be mild, moderate or severe. Blackheads and whiteheads are classified as the mild acne while Pustules on face is considered as moderate acne. When nodules and cyst are present then it is classified as the severe acne. Acnes appear on face when sebum, which is natural oily lubricant of skin, is produced in excess and blocks...

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