“Ashwagandha Plant” Medicinal uses, Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts, Medicinal Properties & Side Effects, Complete Health Guide.

Ashwagandha Tree Medicinal Benefits

Ashwagandha Plant Medicinal Benefits    Botanical Name-Withania somnifera Common Name-Asgand Family-Solanaceae (Kantkari Kul) Habit-An armed hairy herb, 1-5 ft in height Properties- “Asvagendha-  nilaslesma switrasothakshyapaha Balya rasayanitikta kasayasna tisukrala.”                                                                     -Bha. Pra. Property-Lightness, oilyness Taste-Bitter, acrid, sweety Potency-Heating Metabolic Property-Sweet Specific Property- Kaph-vata-samak Health promotor Spermo-poietic Rejuvinating Anti-Inflammatory Part Used-Root Description-Indian Ginseng, Ajagandha, Clustered Wintercherry, Kanaje, Orovale, Samm Ferakh, Strychnos, Withania are the other names used for the Aswagandha. It...

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“Ashoka Tree” Medicinal uses and Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts, Medicinal Properties & Side Effects, Complete Health Guide.

Ashoka Tree Medicinal Benefits

Ashoka Tree Medicinal Benefits   Botanical Name-Saraca asoca Common Name-Ashok Family—Leguminosae (Shimbi kul) Habit—Evergreen tree, 25-30 ft. in height. Properties- “Ashokah shitalastikto grahi barnyah kashayakah Dosapachi trisadaha krimi sosa bisasrajit.                                                   —Bha. Pra. Property—Lightness, dryness Taste—Fragrant, bitter Potency—Cooling Metabolic Property—Pungent Specific Property- Kaph-Pitta-samak Complexion promotor Anti-thirst drug Refrigerant Anthelmintic Antidote Blood-purifier Parts Used-Bark, Seed, Flower Description-The ashok is an evergreen tree. Its original distribution was in the central areas of...

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“Arjuna Tree” Terminalia Arjuna, Medicinal uses and Health Benefits, Dosage, Facts & Side Effects.

Arjuna Tree Benefits

Arjuna Tree Benefits     Botanical Name-Terminalisa arjuna Common Name-Kahua Family-Combretaceae (Haritaki kul) Habit-Tree, 60-80 ft. in height. Properties- “Kakubhah sitalo hridyah Ksataksayabisasrajit Medomeha vranan hanti tubarah kaphapitta brit”                                                  -Bha. Pra. Property-Lightness, dryness Taste-Fragrant Potency-Cooling Metabolic Property-Pungent Specific Property- Heart vitilliser Wound healer Anti-obese Diabetic wound healer Useful in vitiated condition of kaph & pitta. Part Used-Bark Description-Arjun is the large size deciduous tree. The height of the Arjun tree...

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15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Fhosphoturea and Chylurea” its symptoms and reason

Fhosphoturea and Chylurea What is Fhosphoturea and Chylurea: This disease is caused by any disturbance in the kidney. Causes: Owing to the disturbance of the kidney excessive phosphate start on coming with urine because of which urine becomes white. Treatment:  Grind half to two grams white cumin seed to make the powder and taking it two and three times daily cures fhoshoturea and chylurea.  Grind pashanabhed in milk and give...

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35 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Decreased or Lactation Secretion of Milk” its symptoms and reason

Decreased or Lactation Secretion of Milk Causes: The milk does not come out from the breast of the pregnant woman due to lack of nutritive elements in the body. The woman who suckles her baby should take fenugreek juice or cooked vegetable of fenugreek regularly because it is useful to increase breast milk. Treatment:  Give half to 2 grams powder of white cumin seeds to the pregnant woman twice a...

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375 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Stomachache” its symptoms and reason

Stomachache What is Stomachache: When pain occurs in the stomach due to excessive acid, intestine worms or enlargement of the liver, it is called stomachache. The navel pain is caused by the intestine worms, upper parts of navel pain is caused by gastric, the pain that occurs on the right sight in upper parts of the stomach due to liver pain and the pain that occurs on right side of...

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5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Diseases Occurred While Journey” its symptoms and reason

Diseases Occurred While Journey Introduction : Frequently, when some people have been going to journey and they sit on the bus and train, they feel nausea and they begin to vomit due to which their journey disturbs before starting it. That is why, it is known the diseases occurred while journey. Treatment : If you are going to journey, before half hour, take one spoon of onion juice after mixing...

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Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Blood and Milk Congealing in the Stomach” its symptoms and reason

Blood and Milk Congealing in the Stomach Introduction : In this case, blood or milk gets stuck in the stomach which becomes the cause of great problem. Treatment : Grind 10 grams Indian mustard and mix it in one glass water and take it in the morning and evening, it ends congealing blood and milk in the stomach.  

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