Types and features strangulation and its first aid treatment- “Strangulation”

Strangulation Type          Feature Hanging – Suspension of the body by a noose around the neck Strangling – Constriction around the neck.   Throttling – squeezing the throat. First Aid Remove any constriction present around the victim’s neck. Support the body if you are cutting a noose around his neck while he is still hanging. Place him flat on the ground, face up. If he is not breathing,...

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First aid treatment of strangulation its causes and diagnose-“Strangulation”

Strangulation It includes hanging, strangling, and throttling. External pressure is exerted on the neck, which causes obstruction of the airway and cuts off flow of air to the lungs. Hanging and may be accidental or homicidal. Throttling is homicidal. The condition is diagnosed by the following features. The constricting article may be present around the victim’s neck. If it has been removed, its marks are found on the neck. There...

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First aid treatment of choking its causes and diagnose-Choking

Choking It is obstruction of the pharynx by a foreign body. Foreign bodies found in the throat are usually fish bones, some pieces of food, artificial teeth, or coins. Usually they are accidentally swallowed. A child may swallow things during play. A fish bone does not cause respiratory obstruction, but other bigger foreign bodies can choke a person. Unless treated promptly, the victim can die of asphyxia. The condition is...

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How to rescue a drowning person and its first aid treatment-Drowning

How to rescue a drowning person Do not swim out to rescue him unless you have been trained as lifeguard. If the water is not too deep, wade through it to get him out of it. Do not wade out if he nature of the bottom of the water is not known, because you may fall into a hole or bed of quicksand. If the victim is near the shoreline,...

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First aid treatment of drowning its causes and diagnose-Drowning

Drowning A person who does not know how swim can drown accidentally if he falls into water. It may also be homicidal. Persons who know how to swim may drown too, if under the influence of alcohol, or if there is head injury at the time of the fall and the person becomes unconscious. Water enters the airway so that asphyxia develop. A little amount of water enters the lungs...

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First aid treatment of asphyxia its effects and stages- Asphyxia

Asphyxia  First Stage  Respiratory rate increases. Breaths become shorter and noisy. Chest movements of breathing are revered. The chest wall gets sucked in instead of moving out when the victim breathes in. The nostrils flare during breathing Neck veins get distended. Cyanosis develops. The face, lips, nails, fingers and toes turn blue. Pulse becomes faster and feeble. Second stage Consciousness is lost. Frothing occurs at the mouth and nose. Convulsions...

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What is Asphyxia- Its main causes and mechanism

What is Asphyxia- Its main causes and mechanism It is deficiency of oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues. It occurs due to a failure of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air and pulmonary capillaries. Various causes are as follows: Mechanism                  causes Airway obstruction–foreign body in the airway causing choking, drowning, suffocation under bed, suffocation due to a plastic bag over the...

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Prevention of poisoning and its preventive measures

Prevention of poisoning and its preventive measures In children the accidental poisoning occurs generally due to the intake of attractive substances, in anxiety or ignorance and in adults in occurs due to intoxicating substances if taken in excessive amount can be seen. The normal does given to adult person can be toxic to children. Therefore the following preventive measures are required. Label all medicine bottles and packets properly. Write the...

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First aid treatment of Alcohol poisoning its causes and diagnose- Poisoning

Alcohol Poisoning Alcohol (ethanol) is a drug of addiction that depresses the activity of the central nervous system. Prolonged intake can result in impairment of physical and mental abilities, and extensive damage to the liver and other organs in the body. Acute alcohol poisoning is diagnosed by the following features. History of ingestion of alcohol may be present. Smell of alcohol is perceived on the victim’s breath. The speech is...

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First aid treatment of food poisoning its causes and diagnose-Poisoning

Food Poisoning Food poisoning is commonly due to ingestion of contaminated water, food substances, not boiled and unclean vegetables, contaminated milk and milk products, and toxins produced by bacteria preset in these foods. Such cases mostly occur in summer due to higher environmental temperature that promotes decomposition of food. A large number of persons may get affected at a time in parties, marriages dinners etc. The condition is diagnosed by...

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Effects of Gas Inhalation and its first aid- Poisoning

Effects of Gas Inhalation and its first aid treatment- Poisoning  Gas                                         Effects Carbon monoxide acute –    Dusky skin with a faint red tinge, rapid, distressed breathing, impairment or loss of consciousness Chronic –   Headache, confusion, nausea, vomiting, aggression, incontinence Carbon dioxide – Headache, breathlessness, confusion, and unconsciousness Smoke – Rapid, noisy, distressed breathing, coughing, wheezing burning around the mouth and nose, unconsciousness. Solvents and fuels – Headache,...

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First aid treatment of gas poisoning (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia vapor, inflammable gases) its causes and diagnose- Poisoning

Gas Poisoning Various poisonous gases that may be inhaled accidentally are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia vapor, inflammable gases, etc. gases in the exhaust of a car or running engine in an enclose space, and gases coming from burning stoves in closed space are carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. It can also occur in a refrigeration plant or cold storage. Cooking gas may leak from cylinders or faulty connections. These...

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