Herbal Treatment And Health

Polio disease symptoms, causes and prevention

Really health children do not get polio. Dr. Benjamin Sandler was of that opinion. He stopped a North Carolina polio epidemic by going to the newspapers and television with a … Read Mode

Nervous, Stress, Tension and Poor diet causes and prevention

We are living in a nervous age. Stress, tension, worry and poor diet all contribute to  a case of the nerves.Good eliminations most essential in nervous conditions. Hot then cold … Read Mode

Herbs cure from Muscular dystrophy, Home Remedies

Muscular dystrophy now affects some 200,000 people or one person in 925. It is plain to research scientists that nutrition is the main factor in muscular dystrophy. Dys means, literally, imperfect … Read Mode

Herbal Home Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.

Just what is the cause of  multiple sclerosis has not been fully ascertained. Eventually it may be proved to be a disease of malnutrition and best treated nutritionally. Non-civilized races … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Catechu in Vocal Distress, Skin Infection, Tooth Disorders and Anemia

The trees of catechu or ‘katha’ as locally called, are found extensively in the regions of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. There are two varieties of catechu available in market viz. … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Cardamom in Indigestion, Nausea and Vomiting

Remember flavoring your tea with cardamom drops or pounding the same to enhance the taste and aroma of a dish? Cardamom or ‘Choti elaychi’ as locally known is a sure … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Camphor or Kapoor in Pain and Dandruff

Camphor is another boon provided to us by nature, which holds many health giving and restorative merits. It is a virtuous herb that is believed to subside all the three … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Bramhi in Brain dysfunctioning, Diabetes and Skin Ailments

One of the best available herbs among those that are considered to be highly beneficial for the brain and the entire nervous system is Bramhi. Belonging to the family Umbelliferae, … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Black Pepper or Kali Mirch in Indigestion, Fever, Dry Cough, Skin Diseases and Worm Infestation

Suffering from loss of appetite, occasional cough and colds, recurrent skin ailments? Here is an easy home cure. Black Pepper or Kali Mirch activates the gastric fire, works as a … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Bilva or Aegle Marmelos in Diarrhea, Dysentery, Diabetes and Leucorrhoea

The tree of Bilva or Aegle marmelos which grows about 12 m tall can be found easily all over India, especially in the hilly and semi hilly regions. The pulp … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Betel for Common cold, Cough, Inflammation of the Vocal Cords, Bronchitis and Bronchial Asthma

  In older times, paan was popular among the kings, nawabs and the rich as a symbol of their prosperity. It was also chewed after the meals so as to … Read Mode

Medicinal use Asparagus for Heart and Eye Diseases

With the revival of our inherent therapy of Ayurveda, one herb that is often sought after and largely inquired is ‘Shatavari’ or Asparagus. It is a decorative herb that adds … Read Mode

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