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Eruptive Diseases Symptoms and Prevention

Category: Cause and Prevention Written by Herbalogy / December 22, 2016

Chicken pox: Senna, one ounce; elder flowers, one ounce ; pleurisy root, one ounce; yarrow, one ounce; and ginger, quarter ounce.

Measles and scarlet fever: Saffron.

Scarlet fever : Equal parts of pleurisy root, vervain, ground ivy, red sage and contrary.

Smallpox: wood sage, pitcher plant, valerian, saffron, peppermint, each one ounce; marigold flowers, one – half ounce.

As a preventive against smallpox, place one ounce each of pitcher plant and ground ivy in two pints of boiling water simmer down to one pint. Take on tablespoonful every six hours. One half teaspoonful cream of tartar in a glass of water is also good as a preventive of smallpox and taken after having the disease.

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