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Medicinal use of Ajawain in Ayurveda

Ajawain Remember getting up in middle of the night with a colicky pain in the abdomen?  The first thought that comes to mind is Ajawain. This time- tested home remedy comes to rescue and you thank your stars to have always placed it on your kitchen shelves. This indeed helps. Try taking half a teaspoon of the same and a pinch of black salt  along with warm water for immediate...

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Herbs in Historic times, Vedas, Charak, Sushrut

Pre historic times : since the beginning of time , man has been using herbs. The herbs were used as food and also to fight illnesses. Somehow, these had been believed to have some curative powers. These powers were though attribute to supernatural causes. Period of Vedas : since the beginning, man and nature have been in conjunction. Living with nature, a number of herbs and plants had been used...

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What is Herb in today’s world

Herbs are the ‘medicinal plants’ used to treating and curing ailments as well as enhancing the health, vigour and   vitality of an individual. Other than this, herbs have also been associated with providing seasoning, flavoring and essence to the food items. Today, herbs find immense usage in the field of medicine, food industry and also in manufacturing of beauty products. The simple herbs that can be grown in your own...

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Importance of Herbs in Ayurveda

Herbs in Ayurveda As per Ayurveda , herbs are used both in the form of food as well as medicine. The basic aim of Ayurvedic therapy is firstly to restore the healthy individual, and secondly to do away the affliction of the diseased one. Therefore, in order to achieve either of these objectives, A herb comes into use. Ayurvedic treatment rests on four pillars viz. doctor, patient, helper and drug....

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Medicinal use of Amla

Amla Modern living is full of stress and strain and as a continuous process results in the deterioration of the immune system of the body. This makes the body more prone to aliments and even causes pre-mature aging. So as to cope with the stress. People tend to take a number of multi vitamins, body and brain tonics, and yet find themselves  disillusioned with the same in the long run....

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Herbs and Food that Restores Liver’s Functioning

The liver is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. It serves as a regulator of the body. The bile which it produces is to the intestines what the gastric juice is to the stomach. The work of the liver is important to the entire body. The relation of the kidneys and liver is important in the elimination of   waste The liver is the control...

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Herbal Tea and Proper Diet is the Best Answer to Gall Bladder Trouble

The chief function of the gall bladder is the collection and storage and concentration of bile which comes from the liver. Removal of the gall bladder is a common practice. You can get along without a gall bladder, but digestion will never be the same. Bile is used to emulsify fats and oils. The body cannot use fats unless they are emulsified. When the gall bladder is removed, much of...

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Herbs  Recommended in Kidney and Bladder Disorders-Swamp Lily Root, Marshmallow Root, Cheese Plant, Buchu Leaves, Corn Silk, Juniper Berries and Wahoo Bark

The main work of excerption is performed by the kidneys. The kidneys are blood purifiers. When the urine analysis shows albumin, it is evidence that the kidneys are involved. Kidneys may be slowed up by protein-rich and uric-acid forming foods, by irritating acids caused by colds and by weakness and fatigue. Worry, overwork, wrong food and drink cold and exposure put a strain upon the kidneys. To clear up sluggish...

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High Blood Pressure Therapy

High blood pressure is the body’s danger signal that there is trouble ahead. What causes high blood pressure or hypertension, as it is called professionally, is still a medical mystery. There are many theories advocated. Experiments point to an insufficient blood supply to the kidneys. Overweight is also said to be a cause of high blood pressure. It is also thought to be a loss of harmony within the circulatory system....

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Home Remedies for Hiccoughs

Sipping water slowly is an old remedy for hiccoughs. Tea made of the dill plant given in teaspoon doses is also said to be good. Often a few mint leaves well chewed will stop hiccoughs. Caraway tea is also said to be beneficial. Pineapple juice is also helpful. Cases of hiccoughs have been helped with water-melon seeds (tea) after all other remedies failed. Pressure for two or three minutes on...

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Relieve Fever with Herbs and Tea

When the body is filled with waster matte, fever is nature’s way of burring up the impurities. It acts as a germ killer and enables the body to rid itself of any ailment. In Central America and Mexico a plant grows which is known as fever flowers. The natives call it “Jamaica” it is used in that part of the country to allay fever. The flower petals make a delightful,...

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Eruptive Diseases Symptoms and Prevention

Chicken pox: Senna, one ounce; elder flowers, one ounce ; pleurisy root, one ounce; yarrow, one ounce; and ginger, quarter ounce. Measles and scarlet fever: Saffron. Scarlet fever : Equal parts of pleurisy root, vervain, ground ivy, red sage and contrary. Smallpox: wood sage, pitcher plant, valerian, saffron, peppermint, each one ounce; marigold flowers, one – half ounce. As a preventive against smallpox, place one ounce each of pitcher plant...

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