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Black or Green Colored Urine

What is Black or Green Colored Urine:

Just as blood comes with urine caused by defective kidney in the same way urine becomes black or green color caused by defective kidney. When the kidney befits consequently, urine color also becomes clean. If urine color is black, you should understand that swelling can be in kidney.


  1. Grind a little quantity of basil leaves and mix it in syrup made by sugar candy and water. Clean urine comes properly by taking it three and four times in day daily.
  2. If you have been suffering form black or Green Colured urine along with kidney swelling, you should take 50 to 100 ml pure powder (fant) of hemidesmus or its solution with tinospora and cumin seed. It will provide benefit.
  3. Put 5 to 10 drops of sandal wood oil on puffed sugar cakes and give it to the patient to take two and three times daily. It provides relief in this disease consequently, urine comes properly.
  4. Give 10 to 20 ml juice of five leved chest leaves to the patient to take in the morning and evening cures kidney swelling. Doing this treatment along with grind five leved chest, Indian beech, thorn-apple and neem together and apply it on the kidney. It will provide benefit.
  5. Give 3 to 5 grams powder of triphala(Mixed powder of Indian Gooseberry, Terminalia chebulic retz and beleric myrobalan) or mixed 6 grams impure carbonate of potash in water to the patient to take, it provides relief in black or green colored urine.

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