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Problems after Abortion

What are the Problems after Abortion:

Presence of embryo in the uterus is called conception. Destroying embryo in the fourth month or too much bleeding is called miscarriage. If the woman gives birth to a child after nine month, it is called delivery. There can be several causes of miscarriage. So, its treatment is very necessary. After miscarriage, the woman suffers from violent pain and bleeding starts from the vagina. In addition to, she suffers from such kinds of symptoms as ache in the ribs, backache, flatulence and retention of urine, etc.


Boil thick ground dry ginger, 10 grams seeds of musk-melon and 5 grams thick ground caltrop with 250 ml water until ‘ parts remains then filter it. Mix loaf sugar in this decoction and take it twice a day. It is useful to end all the types of problems, which are caused after abortion.

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