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Enlargement of the Vagina

what is Enlargement of the Vagina:

Whose vagina is small, it is called suchivaktra. The woman, who suffers from suchivaktra, feels excessive problems while sexual intercourse. Sometimes, woman suffers from giddiness while sexual intercourse due to vaginal contraction.


 Grind root of camel’ thistle with water and coat it on the navel. By using this process, the vagina enlarges.

 Grind black salt and mix some honey and salt in it. Apply this mixture on the vagina, it makes the vagina soft and increases mouth of the vagina.

 Mix wheat-flour, honey, salt and ghee together thereafter prepare stick from it. Put this stick in the vagina, its use increases the vagina within few days.

 Put one gram original vermillion in the vagina daily, its use increases the vagina size.

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