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All the Diseases of Woman


  1. Grind small cardamoms, 20 grams small peppers and bamboo manna together thereafter mix 60 grams loaf sugar in it. Take 5 grams this mixture with honey or raw milk twice a day regularly, it is useful to cure all types of woman diseases.
  2. Make a powder by grinding trifala, trikuta, toasted sweet flag, asafoetida, pana, barilla, impure carbonate of potash, toasted asafoetida, piper chaba, helle-bore, kurchi bark, oval leaved rose way, five types of salt, peppers root, kernels of bengle quince and celery seed 10 grams each with 30 grams trisugandhi. Take 5 grams this powder with lukewarm water regularly, it provides relief in many diseases of the woman as piles, mystification, asthma, dryness of blader, fistula, heart pain, colic pain, stomach diseases, hiccups, cough, spermtorrhoea, jaundice, joints pain, sprue and fever.
  3. Mix juice of carrot, sugar beet together then give it to the suffered woman. It provides relief in diseases. Sugar beet cures liver disorders. If juice of sugar beet does not provide relief in beginning, take only 75 ml juice of it. Carrot juice should be taken in excessive quantity than juice of sugar beet. Sugar beet clears the stomach. Disorders of menstrual excretion are cured by taking sugar beet. The woman can take about 175 ml juice of sugar beet twice a day.
  4. Mix one spoon caraway with 2 spoons jaggery and give it to the delivered woman (the woman who has given birth) thrice a day. It provides relief in waist pain and purifies the uterus. It increases appetite and enhances the body power. It is also useful to end disorders of menstrual excretion.Note: Put packet of caraway in the vagina after delivery, bacteria do not enter in the uterus and poisonous bacteria are ended. Give smoke of caraway in the vagina, it ends bacteria too. Caraway oil is applied on the swelling.
  5. Mix one spoon sugar candy and one spoon ghee with 3 spoons powder of caltrop fruits. Give this mixture to the suffered woman twice a day; it ends vaginal disorder.
  6. Many diseases of the woman are cured by taking 14-28 milliliters juice of aloe-vera leaves with about one gram asafoetida twice a day.
  7. Make a paste by grinding one fresh and thick pomegranate and heat it with 200-250 grams mustard oil. Rub this oil on the breast; it makes the breast beautiful, attractive and hard.

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