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Excessive Milk in the Breast


Sometimes, when the child avoids mother milk to drink, some problems occur in the breast as excessive milk in the breast. This condition causes the breast diseases.


  1.  Make a paste by grinding camphor and apply it on the breast as well as take ‘ gram this paste. Use this process; it dries choked milk of the breast.
  2.  Give a decoction of tinospora to the woman; it purifies the breast milk.
  3.  Heat betel leaves slightly thereafter tie it on the breast; it ends breast swelling caused by excessive milk in the breast.
  4.  Mix thorn apple leaves with myrabalan chebulie and tie it on the breast. It is useful to end breast swelling.
  5.  Tie warm leaves of thorn apple on the breast, it dries excessive milk of the breast slowly.
  6.  Grind narkat root and prepare decoction from it after boiling. Take 40 ml this decoction thrice a day as dose regularly; it reduces excessive milk and ends menstruation problem.
  7.  Tie ground flowers of it on the breast of woman (the mother who is about to give birth the child), it ends breast swelling and reduces excessive milk.
  8.  Grind leaves and pulse of pigeon together thereafter heat it and then apply it on the breast. It reduces excessive milk in the breast.
  9.  Coat ground pulse of pigeon on the breast; it is useful to end breast swelling.
  10.  Grind lentil, kahu seeds and cumin seed with vinegar. Coat it on the breast; it reduces excessive milk of the breast.
  11.  Make a powder by grinding clean aniseed, sugar and asparagus gonoclodos 250 grams each together. Mix 10-15 grams this powder with hot milk and take it after every 3 hours twice a day, it increases breast milk.

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