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Puerperal Fever

What is Puerperal Fever:

When the pregnant woman suffers from fever after or before delivery, it is called puerperal fever.


Puerperal fever occurs in the delivered woman (a woman after child-birth) due to uncleanness and environment. There are 6 kinds of puerperal fever as vattaj, pittaj, kaphaj, sinnipatik, stanyotath and grahotath.

Symptoms :

Symptoms of vattik puerperal fever:Collapsing fever with delirium, body pain, yawn, vapid, allergy from cold, feels good to warm, teeth grinding, dryness, insomnia, surfeited and body numbness are symptoms of vattik puerperal fever.

Symptoms of pettik puerperal fever:Acute fever, delirium, giddiness, thirst, body inflammation, vomiting, throat dryness, bitterness of tongue, yellowness of the mouth, eyes, teeth, nails and urine, like cold, etc. are symptoms of pettik puerperal fever.

Treatment :

  1. Mix cactus root, Himalayan cedar, gum guggul and ghee together. Take this mixture, it provides relief in vattik puerperal fever.
  2.  Make a decoction by boiling equal quantity of sariva root, cuscus, sandal wood, wild himalaya cherry and grapes with water. Take 14-28 milliliters this decoction with 2-5 grams boiled mimosa pudica twice a day; it is useful to cure puerperal fever.
  3.  Make a decoction by boiling sandal wood, tinduk fruit, mustak root, chhirkakoli root and vacha kand with water. Puerperal fever is cured by taking 14-28 milliliters this decoction.
  4.  Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of grapes, cobra saffron, black peppers, tamal patra, small cardamom and piper chaba together. Puerperal fever is cured by taking 3-6 grams this powder with 5-10 grams sugar and water twice a day.
  5.  Make a paste by grinding himalaya cedar, sandal wood, silverfir and cuscus root with water. Apply this paste in the whole body; it is useful to cure puerperal fever.
  6.  Boil 20-30 grams bark of gmelina arberea with 240 milliliters water until ‘ parts remains then give it to the patient twice a day regularly. It reduces uterus swelling and cures fever. It also increases breast milk.
  7.  Puerperal fever, uterus contraction and internal swelling are cured by using five leaved chast.
  8.  Grind 10 grams powder of internal bark of acacia arabica and 3 grams black peppers together. Give this mixture to the woman twice a day, it safes the woman from puerperal fever. Chapatti of millet-flour and cow milk should be taken while this treatment.

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