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Uterus Swelling

What is Uterus Swelling :

If the bad effects of menstrual excretion affects the uterus due to carelessness, swelling occurs in the uterus because of which woman suffers from excessive problems.

Symptoms :

The woman feels pain and inflammation in the abdomen due to uterus swelling. Some women can suffer from loose motions and some feel loose motions but loose motions does not occur. Some women suffer from excessive urine and some women suffer from fever with cough. If this disease occurs due to cold, fever increases in the body.

Treatment :

  1.  Make a decoction by boiling neem, five leaved chat leaves and dry ginger with water. After that, apply this decoction on the vagina to end uterus swelling.
  2.  Putting bottle of hot water on the abdomen is useful to end uterus swelling.
  3.  Mix pure turmeric and toasted borax with fresh juice of garden night shade. Immerse cotton piece in this mixture and put it in the vagina. It is useful to end uterus swelling.
  4.  Filter juice of castor leaves and immerse cotton in it. Uterus swelling ends by putting this cotton in the vagina for 3-4 days.
  5.  Mix one spoon almond rogan, 3 spoons syrup of sweet violet and loaf sugar with water. Take this mixture in the morning and put cotton of almond rogan on the uterus mouth. Using this process is beneficial to end uterus swelling caused by warm.
  6.  Wash the vagina with chiretta decoction as well as grind chiretta with water and coat it on the abdomen and vagina. Using this activity ends uterus swelling caused by cold.
  7.  Boil matricaria chamomilla, gulakanda and aftimoon 10 grams each with 300 ml water until ‘ parts remains then give it to the patient to drink after filtering. Grind matricaria chamomilla with water and mix it with castor oil. Cost it on the abdomen and vagina to end uterus swelling.
  8.  Grind 15 grams Indian rheubarb and store it. Half gram this powder should be taken with water thrice a day. It is useful to end uterus swelling.
  9.  One spoon this medicine should be taken with 2 cups water at bed time because it is useful to end uterus swelling.
  10.  Grind fine 6 grams endive root, 6 grams gul sweet violet, 6 grams variyadi, 5 grams caccinia glauca, 5 grams tukham kusum and 6-7 grams dry grapes together. Filter this mixture with 250 ml water and take it twice a day. This process should be used for 8-10 days regularly. It provides relief in uterus swelling, bleeding and blowing of phlegm and pus.
  11.  Make the powder by grinding 120 grams ashoka bark, 100 grams varjata, 100 grams black smilax, 100 grams red sandal, 100 grams false calumba, 100 grams runia cardfolia, 50 grams seeds of small cardamom, 50 grams praval ash, 40 grams abrak ash, 30 grams vang ash, 30 grams iron ash and 10 grams toasted makardhwaj (which is toasted with saffron) thereafter filter it. Now make a decoction by boiling country mallow, semal bark and cluster fig bark with water. Mix above powder with this decoction for 3 days then prepare tablets (equal of one gram) from it. These tablets should be dried under the shadow and 1-2 tablets should be taken with mixed milk of sugar candy twice a day. Using this process for one month regularly provides relief in inflammation and swelling of the uterus, metrorrohea, many diseases of menstrual excretion and weakness caused by delivery.

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