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Som Disease

What is Som Disease:

Just as the human suffers from diabetes mellitus similarly, the woman suffers from som disease. Symptoms of leucorrhoea and som disease are equal.

Causes :

The body juice, blood, thin elements and water leave his place due to excessive sex and hard work and checks in the bladder and after that they come out from the vagina. Mostly, leucorrhoea occurs in the uterus and som disease in the urinating pipe. This type of disease occurs only in women. When this disease becomes chronic, woman suffers from excessive urine. It is called diabetes mellitus in this condition

Symptoms :

In this disease, clean, cold, painful, offensive and white water blow from the vagina every time. The woman is not able to stop this water. The body becomes weak due to this disease too. Giddiness, talking with his self, mystification every time, dryness of the mouth and palate are main symptoms of this disease. The patient is not able to sit one place in this disease. Yawn, skin dryness, delirium, anorexia, etc. are symptoms of this disease too. The som destroys sperm count in this disease, so it is called som disease.

Meal and abstinence :

The patient should take boiled old rice, lentil, green gram, pulse of gram, bitter gourd, raw banana, cooked vegetable of old pumpkin in day and chapatti at night. If digestive power fits, soup of goat meat can be taken too. If the patient suffers from fever, light food stuff and saboodana should be taken. If the menstrual excretion becomes stop, meat, fish, kidney bean, sesame and curd should be taken.

The patient should not take heavy food stuff, such type food stuff which originates phlegm, sweets, red chilly, excessive salt, big fish, milk and wine. Hard work, exercise, sleeping at night, night vigil, sitting or sleeping in dew, excessive sex, speak or singing loudly and stop velocity of stool and urine should not be used.

Treatment :

  1.  Take the powder of asparagus gonoclodus with milk; it is useful to cure diabetes mellitus of the women.
  2.  Mix ripe banana, juice of Indian gooxberry, honey and sugar candy together. Give this mixture to the woman; it is useful to cure sperm with urine and diabetes mellitus of woman.
  3.  Mix ripe pods of banana, ipomoea digitata and asparagus gonoclodus together. Diabetes mellitus of woman is cured by giving this mixture to woman with milk twice a day.
  4.  Grind 6 grams cobra saffron with whey and give it to the woman thrice a day, it cures diabetes mellitus of woman.
  5.  Mix liqourica, Indian gooseberry and honey with milk. Diabetes mellitus of woman is cured by giving this medicine.
  6.  The woman who suffers from diabetes mellitus should take urda powder, liqourica and powder of ipomoea digitata with honey or mixed milk of sugar candy.
  7.  3 ml juice of Indian gooseberry can be given to the woman with honey in the condition of diabetes mellitus too.
  8.  The woman who suffers from diabetes mellitus should take cobra saffron with rice water (wash rice with water) to get relief in this disease. Khirni fruits also can be taken in the condition in this condition.
  9.  Diabetes mellitus of the woman is cured by taking equal quantity of asparagus gonoclodus, ripe banana and ipomoea digitata with milk.
  10.  Mix ripe banana and sugar with juice of Indian gooseberry and thereafter give it to the patient; it cures diabetes mellitus of woman.

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