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Fracture of knee cap (patella): Its cause, diagnose and first aid treatment

It is a small bone in front of the knee joint. It forms the point of attachment of the large muscles of the thigh. It may be fractured from direct blow or as a result of muscular pull.

The condition is diagnosed by the following features.

  1. Pain on the front of the knee joint.
  2. Tenda-ness at knee.
  3. Loss of movements at knee joint.
  4. Swelling and bruising at knee.
  5. Crepitus over the patella.

First Aid

  1. Place the casualty on the back with the head and shoulders elevated, supported by rolled blankets.
  2. Place a splint below the injured leg, extending from below the buttocks to below the heel. Place padding the la-lee to fill the hollow, and the heel so as to raise it off the splint. Apply a figure of eight bandage around the ankle, foot and the splint. Tie the knots against the sides of the splint.
  3. Shift him to a hospital immediately.

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