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Constipation is a thief of good health. Prompt elimination of waste products is vitally important. Delayed elimination may often be the cause of headaches and nervous indigestion. Faulty diet and emotional stress are also causes in a majority of cases.

Artificial means of emptying the bowel disturbs the body chemistry. The body’s power of immunity is thus weakened. The use of laxatives depletes the body of potassium, which in turn leads to muscular weakness and often paralysis and myocardial weakness.

Advertising of pharmaceutical companies throws a scare into the public of missed bowel movements and so a fortune is spent yearly on laxatives. It is estimated that Americans spend more the $148,000,000 a year on laxatives.

The use of mineral oil for relief of constipation is widespread. It has been proven that mineral oil interferes with the body’s utilization and retention of calcium and phosphorus and interferes with the function of vitamin D

The adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is certainly true. The use of apple pulp (raw) absorbs poisonous matter in the intestines and out of the body. Apple pulp is also good for diarrheas. Bananas have also been used effectively in diarrhea, especially in infants.

Adults should drink at least two quarts of water daily. Catnip tea can be used effectively as a drink and also as an enema.

Equal parts of butternut bark, rocky mountain grape root, senna leaves and liquorices root makes a good herbal laxative Cascara Segrada may also be added.

Of  course, it is understood that no laxative should ever be given in case of a possible appendicitis.

The best possible way to keep the elimination of waste proceeding naturally and effectively is to eat properly of bulk foods and plenty of vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits and vegetables.


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