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When the body is filled with waster matte, fever is nature’s way of burring up the impurities. It acts as a germ killer and enables the body to rid itself of any ailment.

In Central America and Mexico a plant grows which is known as fever flowers. The natives call it “Jamaica” it is used in that part of the country to allay fever. The flower petals make a delightful, thirst –satisfying drink very similar to lemonade.

Pennyroyal is fine to break up ague and chills.

One – half teaspoonful of cream of tartar is also good in fevers. Cascara, Oregon grape root and princess pine have relieved cases of malaria.

A tea made of elderberry blossoms will help to relieve a fever. Yarrow tea is said to relive a fever in twenty –four hours if taken one teaspoonful every thirty minutes.

Other fever herbs are catnip, shepherd’s purse, sumach berries, tansy, thyme, valerian, wahoo bark, wild cherry bark, gorage, apple tree bark, chamomile, calamus, nettle , parsley, peppermint, sarsaparilla, bonset and sage. 

Sponge a fever patient with common baking soda water.

If no milk is given and fruit and vegetable juices (raw) are given (no solid food), a fever can be reduced in a few hours.



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