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The chief function of the gall bladder is the collection and storage and concentration of bile which comes from the liver.

Removal of the gall bladder is a common practice. You can get along without a gall bladder, but digestion will never be the same. Bile is used to emulsify fats and oils. The body cannot use fats unless they are emulsified. When the gall bladder is removed, much of the fats and oils are lost, having no food value.

The diet is a matter of first importance in gall bladder trouble.

A famous Dutch physician found that the gall bladder of oxen at the end of winter were filled with calculi (stones), but fresh spring pasturage dissipated these stones. Fresh vegetables and vegetables juices are the best remedy for dissolving these stones.

Food with a fair content of sulphur will also correct this condition. Radishes are especially recommended.

Fresh fruit juices diluted with water, manipulated to the spinal areas which affect the nerve controls of the gall bladder principally the neck and the fifth and ninth dorsal vertebrae, are all good in nature’s way of curing gall stones.

Herbs suggested for gall –bladder trouble are gubernator and  vervain.

Treatment with the sulphas, antibiotics and bladder sedation has not proved satisfactory. Herbal tea and proper diet is the best answer to gall bladder trouble.

The best cure is always prevention. A high state of vitality and good health must be maintained to avoid gall bladder disorder.


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