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Impairment of hearing ranks fourth among the top handicapping illnesses.

Many who become hard of hearing, especially after middle age, do not need a hearing aid. Often wax collects in the ear canals, and, when removed by a doctor, hearing is often restored in minutes. It is best to let a doctor remove the wax for two reasons. First, the ear is a delioate organ and can be easily injured. Secondly, as in one case, the wax hardened on the eardrum. If not removed carefully in such a case, inflammation of the brain could follow.

If deafness is not caused by wax, there is still hope for the hard of hearing. In 1949 a world famous ear specialist connected with a large New York Hospital held the theory that deafness is caused by  an excess of pyruvic acid in the blood stream. To help correct this condition, which is caused by faulty carbohydrate metabolism, he advocated the use of B-amino complex.


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