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Epilepsy is more prevalent than might be thought. One out of every one hundred persons suffers from epilepsy.

More than fifty years ago the first epilepsy colony was established in the state of New York. It was advocated there that hard muscular work is a food remedy for epilepsy. The superintendent of the colony announced that the patients worked off the convulsions at the end of a hoe handle by vigorous field work.

It has been proven that active muscular work is almost a panacea in cases of epilepsy in which the brain has not been damaged.

Epilepsy is not incurable, as once thought.

Diet is very important in epilepsy therapy. The following suggestions should be carried out. First, cut down on all liquids. Secondly, cut down on all starch foods. Thirdly, increase fats (unsaturated). Fourthly, no milk, no pork, fried or refined foods should be eaten and lastly, no ice cream, canned fruit or rich desserts should be allowed.

Spinal alignment, particularly in the upper cervical area, has been proven effective.

In epilepsy therapy avoids excitement, overeating, improper rest, poor elimination, intoxicants and refunded food products.

Glutamic acid is said to be effective. Glutamic acid is one of the essential amino acids. It is found in eggs, meat, cheese, beans and fish. Glutamic acid should never be taken alone in its isolated state.

Since epilepsy affects the nervous system, the calmative tea, skuppcap, nerve root, valerian, catnip and peppermint is good. Blue vervain may be added to the foregoing formula or taken   alone , since it has been used effectively in epilepsy therapy as well as for nervous conditions.

Ephedrine is also used in the treatment of epilepsy. Ephedrine is extracted from MaHuang. Ephedrine is also found in Mormon Valley herb, or Herb of the Sun, as it is also called.

Eyebright has also been found effective. Take four fluid ounces of the tea on an empty stomach and at bed time.

The following single herbs have also been found effective Elder flowers, black cohosh, blue cohosh and hyssop, which is excellent.


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