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Constipation  is one of the causes of appendicitis, which of course, is due mostly to a faulty diet. In the case of appendicitis, the first thing to do is to give an enema, using either a small amount of baking soda or a herb tea. This will often relieve the pain. For  a herbal enama, use either spearmint or catnip. Apply hot and cold packs alternately in the region of the appendix and all along the spine. A poultice of mullein leaves (a large handful), one tablespoon powdered lobelia and a pinch of ginger is good , made by adding enough slippery elm bark ( ‘shredded) or cornmeal to the tea to make it thick leave it on until cool. After the attack go on a liquid diet of is also good. Never give solid food, water or a laxative during   an attack. These helps are good while waiting for the doctor, but always are see your practitioner.



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