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Cancer is so widespread that much has been written both to help and also to hinder the finding of a cure for this disease.

Medical science seeks a drug to cure cancer.

A biochemist developed a drug, a chemically synthesized amino acid that is said to have cured leukemia in animals.  Why take a synthesized product when a good protein diet will do as much?

Does of nay drug large enough to cure  cancer would be strong enough to kill the patient outright.

Marvelous results have been claimed for the grape cure for cancer.

A very good relief for cancer is a tea made of  red clover blossoms, either fresh or dried. Drink one quart a day. Violet leaves and flowers should also be added. Other herbs recommended are burdock, yellow dock root, golden seal, slippery elm bark ( in cases of stomach cancer especially), comfrey, blue flag, rock rose, and wood betony.

For cancer of the breast the following is recommended. Phytolacca, two ounces; Gentian, one ounce; Dandelion Root, one ounce; there pints of water. Simmer to one pint. Make a simple syrup with honey. One teaspoonful after each meal is recommended.

Alkaloids extracted from a periwinkle shrub (Vinca Rosea) is considered one of the most promising anti-cancer agents. Why use an alkaloid? The herb tea is more effective.

I have successfully treated cancer of the skin with the following ointment. Make a very strong tea with red clover blossoms and violet leaves and flowers. The tea is then strained and the liquid is simmered slowly until it is of the consistency of tar. This same ointment was used  to remove  tumors.

Parsley is rich   in potassium and calcium. It has been found that cancer cells cannot multiply in potassium.

Dr. Max Gerson, of Nannet, New York, advocates that cancer cannot develop in normal metabolism. He also said that the liver is the center of the restoration process in those patients who improve strikingly.

Dr. Harry Goldblatt and his laboratory collaborator at the institute of Medical Research at Cedar of Lebanon Hospital discovered the normal tissue growing in test tubes becomes cancerous when it is deprived of oxygen. Cancer frequently occurs in scars.

The Drs. Shute, of Canada, in their book Alpha Tocopherol in Cardiovascular Disease, point out that vitamin E has been known to reduce the oxygen requirement of muscles by as much as 43 %. It is a provgen fact that vitamin E will eventually remove scars left by thrombosis.

A resident scientist at Wernse Cancer Research Laboratories at Washington school of Medicine at ST. Louis, Missouri, criticized cancer researchers who describe a cure for cancer as being just around the corner, and that  a break- through ahs been discovered. This scientist seemed certain that medical science will never be able to prevent cancer. He also said that people should be aware of cancer –causing substances and be willing to avoid them.

The role of nutrition is an important one in cancer research. A strong , healthy body will resist the inroads of cancer formation and development.    


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