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Bad Breath 

Halitosis has far deeper origins than decaying food are maiming  in the mouth or decayed teeth.

When the bowels are toxic, the saliva contains indicate which causes bad breath.

Bad berth can be caused when fats, stored in the tissues, pass into the bloodstream, circulate to the lungs and then escape in the from of gases.

Also unpleasant gases, formed by offending substances you may have eaten , get into the blood with the assimilation of food you exhale and you breathe out the offensive odour.

Mouth and tooth infection can cause bad breath, however. Putrefaction of food internally is mostly the direct cause. After toxins and putrefaction are eliminated, foul breath promptly disappears.

Cubeb berries or anise seed may be chewed for offensive breath. Also the gum of cup plant may be chewed to sweetens the breath.

Peppermint tea is said to take away bad breath if taken daily.




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